-On the zip fie you will find three files. Unzip those files then copy them to your phone.



- On your phone:

1- Install Arabic support (MOBiDIV_Arabware_454_AR_6.5_HTC_TSD_2010_Jan_28.cab)

Make sure you install it on your device not the storage memory.

When its done you will have to restart your phone, but everything ganna be in Arabic so follow those pictures to have the English interface again.











You’re done your phone is supporting Arabic language.

If PM, AM next to the clock still showing in Arabic go back to Arab ware and make sure the right country is selected. See this picture;



This how your phone should look like when you’re done. (Above picture)



2- Install “fixing sms problem” (PD SMS Fix.cab)


3- Install “Arabic keyboard” (Enable_Ar_EzInput_2119202530.cab)


To use your new Arabic keyboard follow the pictures:






The end.





May 19, 2010